The better to way to collect, analyze data and understand your audience.

Acquire new insights and data to analyze and understand your audience easily and efficiently about your website.

Audience Analytics

Understand your audience.

Gathering insights and analytics about your visitor can help you understand your potential customers and better market your product.

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Product 1
Product 2

Optimize your landing page for better conversions rate.

Understand and see where does the engagement happen on your pages by analyzing clicks recorded from your visitors.

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Session Replays

View your visitor's journey throughout your website.

Play or replay your visitor's sessions on your website just like if you were playing a screen recording.

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Product 3

Wait, there is a lot more.

Get additional informations about other features that we offer throughout our web analytics platform.

Goal Tracking

Track goals (conversions) easily from your website.

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Privacy-focused tracking

A fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR right out of the box.

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Visitors Events Tracking

Track your visitor's activity throughout your website.

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Enhance collaboration with your teams by assigning access to desired people.

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Connect your application to your analytics data easily via our REST-API.

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Custom domain

Connect a custom domain to be used as a proxy for your tracking code.

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