About Jitt.

Hi there! Nice to meet you and welcome to Jitt. Let's get to know each other.

Who we are?

We are based in Montreal, Canada. Jitt was founded back in December 2019 but launched officially in March 2020 to the public and since then we have helped people gathering web analytics.

What do we do?

We currently focus on web analytics gathering insights and metrics and we work with brands, products and businesses for the digital age or pretty much anyone with a website as well.

Why Jitt?

In this modern era where everything is now connected. A modern all-in-one solution built for today's web. Nowadays, web analytics is a must for businesses to understand and analyze their audience on the internet.

Using web analytics data to measure your online presence will allow you as a business to grow and develop an effective digital strategy and also improve existing strategies in places such as your marketing or website.

“I was looking to offer a simple, but yet powerful web analytics solution. Most of the product that was available at the time were either too much overkilled or not offered as a complete solution.

As a webmaster, the only choice that I had was Google Analytics which has its cons and pros, but competition is always good for users since it creates innovation in the monopolized market.”

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