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Started and founded in June 2018 as Typemetric and then rebranded into Jitt, we have worked hard to provide an alternative to web analytics.

Founded by Wali Ahmed in 2018, we focus on web analytics tools for personal. small business and medium to large corporations. Finding and giving a new way to integrate web analytics into their marketing and business development strategy.

We were surprised when we heard that most of the businesses don't use their analytics data to create a substantial business plan to develop their product offering and increase conversion from just a simple visit to a new prospect or client.

We studied businesses from sole proprietary to large corporations to understand their needs and what they looking for.

We conclude what Jitt is currently. Simple, privacy-focused and actionable insights and data.

Montreal, QC, Canada

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Wali Ahmed

Founder & CEO (Current)

We believe and want to bring the power of web analytics to every business because they can help businesses make smarter and reliable decisions regarding their business plan.  Audience Analytics shouldn't be a niche term or product, but more of a must. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use any of our data?

We don't. To subsidize the cost of operating Jitt, we charge a fee. Most of the free web analytics providers use the data gathered to sell them to advertisers. Keep in mind that when it's free, you are the product.

What about data processing policy?

We understand and we want to be transparent regarding how we process, store and treat your data on our servers. Jitt is committed to offering a transparent and secure experience for our clients. You can learn more on our Privacy Policy page.

Where are you based?

We are based in the lovely city of Montreal, Canada in the province of Quebec.

Jitt has a free plan, do you use the data in this plan to subsidize the cost?

No. We have a different approach. We believe in our product and that different businesses might have different needs. To allows our clients to use and discover the true potential of  Jitt without rush or time limit we have introduced a free plan with limited features. Once they feel like the product integrates well within the business strategy, they can upgrade to a higher plan.

Do you hire currently?

As of now, we don't hire. You can still submit your resume to [email protected] just in case we have any free positions available. Most of our contract is on a freelancer based for a specific term and we have introduced a remote work policy.