Learn more about this feature and also why Audience Analytics is a must to your marketing strategy.

If you're running a website, you would want to know who visit your website. This is where Web Analytics (also known as Web Analysis or Audience Analytics in Jitt) comes to place. You can gather useful information about your audience to see how well your website performs and what kind of content your visitors are viewing while visiting your website.

Allowing you use all these metrics collected to use it at your benefits. Learn more about all the data you can retreive using Audience Analytics here.

Our pricing works on a pageviews per month basis. A pageviews is whenever a visitor goes to your website and visit a page on it. This is what we count as one pageviews in web analytics. The more pageviews you need to track, the higher your monthly price would be.

If you have a brand new website or you are unsure of how many pageviews you may need per month, we suggest you to start with our free plan and then upgrade whenever you feel more confident. Our money-back guarantee apply to all paid subscription within the first 7 days calendar.

To learn more about our pricing plan, please refer to the Pricing page.

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation and was passed by the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission.

This is a new law that help protect the privacy for EU (European Union) based visitors. Websites that has EU based visitors must comply to this regulation otherwise they may be subject to a fine. The amount varies and is assigned as per the European Union.

At Jitt, we care about privacy. This is why we offer to website that want a more streamlined and simple web analytics a Lightweight tracking method which is already GDPR compliant and doesn't require you to show any cookie banner since this method doesn't use cookie.

To learn more about GDPR regulations, please visit their official website here (English, but may be available in other language on the destination website).

To use your website on Jitt, you need to allocate a profile which would contains all the data, settings and website parameters into one single profile. Pricing is based on a Website Profile bundles and on how much pageviews you would like to track per month.

Each profile has their own monthly quota and do not share any allowance. To learn more we highly suggest you to visit our Pricing page.

Jitt believe in web privacy. This is why we offer two type of tracking which allows you to analyze your audience depending on your choice.

Lightweight tracking is a GDPR compliant solution which doesn't requires you to show any consent cookie banner to track. Since it doesn't use cookies or gather personal information. This is a great alternative that allow you to understand your audience privacy while staying compliant with regulation.

Normal Tracking or Advanced is a more advanced tracking methods. By choosing this method, you can use Heatmaps and Session Replays on your website. It enable all the platform features that you can count on. Therefore, you need to show a consent cookie banner due that Jitt use cookie for some feature.

If you are unsure about which one to choose then you can follow this link to understand what might be your best choice. Both methods are available for every accounts, including the free plan!

At a glance

View what kind of data you can retreive by using our Audience Analytics platform.


Track how many time your audience visit a specific page on your website. Allowing you to understand what page bring most traffic and visitors on your website.

Average Time

Evaluate the average time spent on your website to understand your retention rate. Add analytics filters to retreive a more detailed data about your audience.

Visitor's Country

Analyze and know from where your visitors are coming from. This data can help you focus on markets that really matter for your business.

Device Type

See what kind of devices your audience use to browse your content and see their screen resolution to improve the overall user's experience with responsive layout and other design optimization.

UTM Analytics

Using UTM tag in your URLs? You can now track their efficiency simply and looking on how your campaigns are doing well.

Real-time Analytics

Get data within seconds with our real-time feature that allow you see insights and data immediately.


We can collect which language your audience speak. We based this information on the web browser language they are using. Helping you acquire more customer by you knowing which language your customers speak.

Visitor Events Tracking

Gathering data and insights on your user's experience became much more easier than you think.

Sessions Recap

You can now see how much sessions a particular user/visitor have made on your website from their first visit to the latest one helping you know the return rate of a user/visitor.

Segmentize Data

Take a look at only the data that matter the most. Segmentize data by adding a filter with specific rules to have a clear way to see what you want and need.

Weekly Email Report

Receive the latest analytics data every week about your websites and a reminder straight in your inbox.

Goals and Conversions

Pageviews and Conversions Tracking designed for simple and advanced usages allowing you to track more than you think on your platform.

Exit and Landing pages

Learn where your customer exit your website and where they landed (incoming).


Understand which website has referred your visitors (e.g. Social Media or Search Engine). This data can help you invest in advertising network that bring you the most valuable traffic.

Operating System

Optimize your technology stack by knowing which technology your visitors are using such as their operating system to improve your website experience for your traffic.

Web Browser

Identify which web browser your visitors are using such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or other web browser.

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