Add your first website profile

Updated as of 21st March 2021

Before you can start tracking your website, you need to allocate a website profile for your website. In order to do it, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Make sure you're on the tab Websites. You should see a blue button on the top right corner which says Add Website.
  3. A window with some field should appear. Fill out the form and choose the desired setting about the Website Profile that you want to setup.
  4. Retrieve the tracking code by clicking on the Tracking Code button.
  5. Install the tracking code on all web pages or on a common theme header file between the tag head.

Lightweight vs Advanced Tracking?

Jitt believe in web privacy. This is why we offer two type of tracking which allows you to analyze your audience depending on your choice.

Lightweight tracking is a GDPR compliant solution which doesn't requires you to show any consent cookie banner to track. Since it doesn't use cookies or gather personal information. This is a great alternative that allow you to understand your audience privacy while staying compliant with regulation.

Normal Tracking or Advanced is a more advanced tracking methods. By choosing this method, you can use Heatmaps and Session Replays on your website. It enable all the platform features that you can count on. Therefore, you need to show a consent cookie banner due that Jitt use cookie for some feature.

Need a more visual instructions?

After you are logged in, click on the tab Websites found on the left sidebar.

Click on the button Add Website.

Fill out this window and choose the desired Tracking mode. You have Lightweight and Normal/Advanced Tracking. Need more information about these two modes? Click here.

If you choose the Advanced/Normal Tracking. You should see additional fields. You can enable the option that you want. You can always come and edit any settings later by following this documentation here

Click on Create once finished and you should be able to now retrieve the tracking code by clicking on the Tracking Code button that would appear. If it doesn't refresh automatically, please manually refresh the page by clicking on F5 on your keyboard or on the refresh icon on your browser.