Exclude IPs address

Updated as of 21st March 2021

Exclude IP address from getting monitored and tracked by Jitt.

Gather your own IP address.

Jitt need to know what IP address to not compatibilize, if you know your IP address please just skip this step. Otherwise please read the instructions below.

You can visit this popular website or Google (what is my ip) on your search bar to identify your own IP address from your ISP.

Go to your Website Manager.

You'll need to log in before you can be able to visit your website settings. Visit your Website Manager here. Alternatively, you can sign in and click on the left sidebar and on the Websites tab (6th icon from the top).

Add your IP on the excluded IPs list.

Once you have arrived on the Website Manager, click on the edit link on the right.

A new window should open and you need enter your own IP address or the desired one. If you need to add multiple IP address, please use a comma and a space to seperate each IP address.