Updated as of 23rd March 2021

Teams allows you to share access to some of your website profile with collaborators.

  1. Create a new team
  2. Add members to your new/existing team.
  3. Understand about invitation state.
  4. Remove a member from its delegation from your team.

Create a team

Go to Teams on your account.

Click on Create Team.

Fill out the form and select the website where you want to share access to it. Press CRTL and click on the website profile, if you want to share more than one website profile access. Then click on Submit

Add Members to your team

You should be redirected to a page where you can add members to the team you just created. Click on Add member

Enter the email address of the receipient which would be member's email address.

When you'll send invitation to your members. You should see them below listed with their status.

State of the invitation request

New members should receive an email with a link to log in or create an account which would also automatically joined the team as well.

There's two state of invitation that you should see:

1. Invited define that we sent an email to the receipient. Awaiting the receipient to follow the link and complete registration.

2. Joined define that the receipient has accepted the invitation and is now on the team.

Delete a member from an existing team

If you need to remove someone from their access. You can follow the steps below.

Click on the Team that you want to modify.

Next to their name and state you should see Delete.

Click on Delete to remove the access and delete the member from the delegation.