Verify Tracking Code Installation

Updated as of 21st March 2021

To verify if your website can send data to Jitt, you need to verify if the connection is well establish between your web server and our platform.

To make your life easier, we have set up a simple way to ensure that you know that your tracking code is properly installed on your website.

Go to Websites on your account.

Locate the website and click on Tracking Code.

Click on the Tab Verify Installation.

Click on the button Verify

If the installation was successful, your should see a similar message.

By default this only verify the home page to see if the tracking code is properly installed. If you need to test it on any other pages under your website then please replace the URL without removing the parameters at the end of the URL

If this window doesn't show up it might be due to the following:

1. The code isn't properly installed.

2. Your website doesn't communicate with Jitt because your content contains mixed sources.

3. You have a window pop-up blocker that is preventing the message to show-up.