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A link management platform allows you to manage your links (more specifically your short links) efficiently and easily. In this modern area businesses are more than ever on the web to increase engagements and conversion by publishing content related to their business and this usually means handling and managing more web links than usual.

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Our platform offers you to have more control over your links and create better experiences for your team and audience. Edit any parameters of your short links whenever you need in a few clicks.

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A link management platform allows you to manage your link efficiently and quickly. If your organization shares links publicly or internally, it can help you manage, control your links and monitor them. By allowing our users to have a greater control over what their organization shares, it can make marketing and social media teams more efficient.

Each time you shorten a link by using our platform, your short link will benefits of the link management features automatically. You will be able to edit your link whenever you want giving you better control over your link.

Shorten up to 1,000 links for free with our basic account and even you are satisfied about our platform, you can always upgrade to a higher plan which offers a higher allowance.