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A heatmap on the platform would create a static representation and an exact copy of the actual webpage. You can create a Heatmap for only a single web page, such as a landing page. Once Jitt would start gathering data, it would show the static representation of the Heatmap circle of different colours and sizes to represent clicks.

The size of the circle would represent the amount of concentration of clicks recorded on that particular space. If the circle is larger it would mean a lot of clicks were recorded in that area and if there’s none it means nothing was recorded. This would allow you to analyze where your audience is mostly interacting on a webpage.

It is highly recommended to wait a bit before analyzing data on the Heatmap to have a better comprehensive overview of the webpage. The longer you wait, the better data you have.

For Heatmap collected data, the normal data retention policy applies, which means you can keep your Heatmap data as long as your account subscription data retention policy allows it.

To learn more about the data retention policy about your account, please visit this page.

You can’t disable the Heatmap feature just like you would do with Session Replays because the Heatmap feature does work only on a single page basis. Therefore, you can delete Heatmap from your account, which would no longer gather data for the specific webpage and delete any collected data from our servers.

By default, Jitt will honour the DNT request sent by the client browser, but if you specify to ignore DNT, it will continue tracking (including Heatmap) and recording sessions.

If you decide to give them a choice to disable tracking, they would be able to.

Learn more about different opt-out options here.

Unfortunately, the only data you can export is web analytics data that does not include Heatmap or Session Replays.