Measure, analyze and understand your audience behaviour on a specific webpage.

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The simplest and fastest way to gather and analyze behaviour data about website engagement on your website.

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Jitt was built to make your website optimization fast and easy to analyze and understand.

Works on any websites

Jitt take a static portrait of the desired webpage and uses to show graphical and visual data based on a color scheme. It doesn't matter if your website is on a custom or less popular framework.

Easy to understand

Heatmap can show more data by using a color sheme such as red being a lot of click to much more lighter color such as blue to define less click on this part of the website.

Designed to be responsive

Jitt track your heatmap data on any devices from Desktop, Mobile and Tablets. Don't miss a single data and they are segmentize by the type of device as well.

SEO Optimized

Seamlessly underwhelm optimal testing procedures whereas bricks-and-clicks processes.

Discover and understand Heatmap

Watch this tutorial video which would show you to create your first Heatmap and visualize data.


Build a perfect and wise landing or web page.

Ensure to understand your audience behaviour to see where it would be the best to put conversion items such as form, button, etc...

Heatmap data is very accurate and represents a big set of users that are likely to be your ideal customers and clients that interact with the web page naturally.

Mulitple Layouts
Fully Responsive
Visual Analytics Solution
Easy to setup and start collection data

Understand and analyze your audience engagement.

Quickly analyze and measure what work or doesn't work on a page by enabling Heatmap in a few clicks easily from your account.

Understand the engagement on your pages and optimize them based on Heatmap results from your page.

  • Understand your audience behaviours and engagement.
  • Analyze huge amount of data about interaction in a more appealing and visual way.
  • Track down how your pages are efficient without prompting the end-user about surveys or feedback.
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Most frequently asked questions.

Still unsure or need to learn more? Read the most common questions asked and get answers about Jitt to clarify your decision.

A heatmap is a graphical representation of a website analytics dataset. It uses colors to depict important bits of information, so it’s easy for online marketers to assess their website visitors’ on-screen behavior. For example, dark colors on a heatmap may represent the areas of your website that users engaged with the most and lighter colors for less engagement.

When creating a new Heatmap, Jitt will make a static copy of your webpage where you'll see circle of multiple of color. Red being concentrated of clicks or mouse hovering and lighter color being less attention area on the page.

Heatmaps help website owners make critical business, design, and technology decisions fast. For instance, if you discover that no one is scrolling past a certain point on a webpage, you know you need to change something about the ignored section to make it more engaging. Or you might discover that one of your call to action buttons is never used; in response, you can make changes to that button so it will stand out and attract more clicks.

Another great way to utilize heatmaps is in A/B testing, in which you test and compare two versions of a webpage. Then, when you analyze the heatmap results, you’ll know which webpage version will get you more conversions.

Heatmaps are an excellent way to uncover what’s not working on your webpage so you can then strategically redesign it to improve the performance of your site. They’re a lot more visual than analytics tools like Google Analytics, and, therefore, they make it easier for website owners to uncover valuable insights.

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