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How to connect my domain?

You can connect any top TLD domain to your account. In order to add your domain, we recommend to follow the instructions below in order.

1. Add required DNS record to your domain.

For completing this task, you will need to log in to your domain registar. If you used to use CloudFlare DNS proxy, please log in to your CloudFlare account to proceed with the change. You would need to add an A record that point to this IP:, and then submit the change.

2. Add your domain to your account.

After you completed the previous step, you need to add your domain to your account. Head over to this link (make sure to be connected). Enter your domain name and the additional fields if needed, and click on Add Domain.

3. Wait

Your domain is now being processed by our system. This is due to the DNS propagation that may take anywhere between 10 mins to 72 hours. We suggest you to come back to verify your domain status. If it shows as Active then it mean that your domain is resolving our IP and an SSL has been issued for it. If after 72 hours, there is no change then we recommend to verify your DNS settings or contact us.

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