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Gather, analyze and understand your web audience and key metrics efficiently.

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Say hello to modern, simplified and powerful web analytics.

Understand your audience.

Gather and collect useful data and insights about your audience to understand, analyze and focus on market that really matter to your business.

Track everything from single clicks, page scrolling or even your marketing campaigns easily and in real-time without any hassle.

  • Visitors
  • Events
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Goals
  • Sessions
  • Pageviews
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Replays your visitor's sessions.

Watch and rewatch your visitor's sessions and journey throughout your website easily to understand how your audience use your website.

Gather insights about user behaviours, experience and detect obstacles for website optimization to deliver the best experience possible.

  • Identify obstables
  • Reproduce and solve
  • Review/test UX design
  • Search & Segmentize
  • Visual Reproduction
  • Easy implementation
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Review and analyze engagement on pages

Track and analyze on specific pages on your website engagements from your audience easily without hassle for a better understanding on how pages on your website are working.

Heatmaps are an excellent way to uncover what’s not working on your webpage so you can then strategically redesign it to improve the performance of your site.

  • Optimize placements for better conversions.
  • Identify leaks in your conversion funnel.
  • Analyze engagements on web pages.
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