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Gather, analyze and understand your web audience and key metrics efficiently.

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Target the right audience at the right moment.

A strong online presence can be the key to a business’s growth with increased exposure and better communication with potential and current customers alike, but what is the point of a fancy website and lots of online activity without a carefully thought out strategy?

Develop a strategy with accurate and up-to-date analysis. This is where web analytics come in. Gather accurate data and in real time about your audience to market efficiently your campaign to the right people.

Find out issues on your website and prevent the loss of potential customers.

Our Heatmap and Sessions Replays platform features help businesses to create reliable website which can tremendously affect negatively the user experience resulting to impact your growth and revenue.

Understand the behaviours of your audience help you create a better experience for your visitors. The overall customer retention is higher when your audience is feeling great about your content and web

Demonstrate your key metrics to acquire more advertising sales.

Jitt can be great for publishers to understand their audience or traffic and create detailed Press/Media Kit based on the data for advertisers looking for advertising opportunities on their platform.

Create your Media Kitt and show detailed information and key metrics about your audience to publishers and potential customers for them to understand your traffic towards your website.

Install the tracking code in minutes.

It's really easy to implement our tracking platform on your website and enable the tracking from your audience. It takes literally minutes.

To get started with our web analytics platform, you need you to install a small JavaScript code on all the pages that requires the tracking.

Just add your tracking code from your account by copying the tracking code and paste it on all pages to start gathering data about your visitors in a few minutes.

  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, shrink-to-fit=no">
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="/assets/css/theme.css">
    <title> This is the title of the webpage! </title>
    <script><async src="
    <p>This is an example paragraph. Anything in the body tag will 
    appear on the page, just like this p tag and its contents.</p>
      <div class="container">
      <p>Some random paragrpah on your website that explain something.</p>

Need more information about how we can help you do better online business?

Jitt is an all-in-one web analytics platform that allows you to track, analyze and understand who visit your website and view your content online.

A heatmap is a graphical representation of a website analytics dataset. It uses colors to depict important bits of information, so it’s easy for online marketers to assess their website visitors’ on-screen behavior.

For example, dark colors on a heatmap may represent the areas of your website that users engaged with the most and lighter colors for less engagement.

A simple, but yet powerful way to view and replay sessions made on your website. It allows you to view visually how your visitors interact with your content.

It works just as if you were screen recording the visitor on your website. Obviously, for privacy reason we don't capture any inputs or personal informations.

By acquiring analytics data and key metrics about your audience, you can create a better business strategy, optimize your online presence and enhance your user experience.

The results of all these tweaks will bring more good business.

A simple pricing structure.

Choose the plan type that works best for you. You can always start for free and upgrade later when you need it, no worries!

  • Pageviews Tracked per month
  • Access to Web Analytics
  • Access to Heatmaps
  • Session Replays per month
  • API Access
  • SLA Uptime
  • Email Support



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  • 50K Pageviews
  • Access to Web Analytics
  • Access to Heatmaps
  • 250 Sessions Replays
  • API Access
  • SLA Uptime
  • Email Support


$9 / month

Suitable for most of the websites that requires simple, but yet advanced analytics.

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  • 200K Pageviews
  • Access to Web Analytics
  • Access to Heatmaps
  • 500 Sessions Replays
  • API Access
  • SLA Uptime
  • Email Support


$14 / month

Great for e-commerce and medium size websites that requires more pageviews per month and API access.

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  • 300K Pageviews
  • Access to Web Analytics
  • Access to Heatmaps
  • 1,500 Sessions Replays
  • API Access
  • SLA Uptime
  • Email Support

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