Use Case: Influencers

Influencers on social media handle a lot of links from their channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram to sponsored links or additional content attached to their contents.

We built a platform to help them manage their links easily and efficiently within one single platform and with real ease of use. In this page, we will show you what great tools we can offer to enhance your marketing and business solutions. You'll understand why Jitt would be an essential for all your links.

How can Jitt help?

Our platform offers different solutions and is fully packed with tools to make your life easier and analyze your traffic more efficiently from your content to external links.

Compared to a generic or free URL shortening and link management tool, we offer more control over your links allowing you to decide pretty much whatever you need. Browse the different features available at your fingertips and see how it can empower you. Our platform offers a more cost-effective way compared to the other provider in the market.


This feature allows you to display multiple links on your bio on social media to increase engagements with your audience. Create a new Bio, add links to your page and then share it on your social media account. People visiting this Bio would be able to browse any links allowing to increase engagement from social media to another platform.

URL Shortener

Long and boring URLs are hard to remember and not suitable for sharing on social media such as Twitter where long URLs can take your precious words allowance per tweet. Making a second tweet to follow-up on the first one may impact engagements initiated from the first tweet.

Not only is it not convenient to share, but also doesn’t allow you to analyze performance regarding your links. With our URL Shortener, you can maximize and optimize your links to target a better audience which would allow you to increase your ROI (Return on Investment).

Add value to your links by making them more efficient.

  • Visitor Targeting (Geo and Device) 
  • Pixels Integration
  • UTMs
  • Set an expiration date to your short links.
  • Set a password to your links to protect from unwanted visitors.
  • Set a Splash or Frame to your short links to present your sponsors or partner.

Link Management

From expired to archived links, we created an easy and simple way to manage your links efficiently. It can be hard to handle and manage a lot of links if you don’t have the right tools. 

Our platform allows you to manage, edit, analyze and regain complete control over the links that your corporation shares either online or internally.

Branded Custom Domain(s):

Connect your own custom domain to our link management system and shorten URLs to brand your short links to match your brand identity. Increase your click-through rate up to 35% by branding your short links.