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Easy to use, dynamic and customizable QR codes for your marketing campaigns. Analyze statistics and optimize your marketing strategy and increase engagement.

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Advanced QR Codes
Customize Colors
Track Scans
Customize Design & Frames
The new standard.

QR Codes are everywhere and they are not going away. They are a great asset to your company because you can easily capture users and convert them. QR codes can be customized to match your company, brand or product.

The new standard
Trackable to the dot.

The beautify of QR codes is that almost any type of data can be encoded in them. Most types of data can be tracked very easily so you will know exactly when and from where a person scanned your QR code.

Trackable to the dot

QR Codes Types

Our platform provides users with the flexibility to generate two distinct types of QR codes, catering to a diverse range of needs. Depending on your specific goals, you can choose the QR code variant that aligns seamlessly with your objectives.

QR Static
Static QR

Regular, non-trackable QR codes.

QR Dynamics
Dynamic QR

Advanced & trackable QR codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed the most common questions asked below.

The number of QR codes you can generate is determined by your account subscription allowance. With our free plans, you have the ability to create up to 5 QR codes. Should you need more additional QR codes, you can either delete existing ones or opt to upgrade to a more advanced plan.

Jitt offers a solution enabling you to share files, with supported formats including jpg, png, gif, or pdf, up to a size of 2MB through a QR code. This specific QR code functionality is exclusive to the dynamic QR type, providing a smooth and efficient method for file sharing.

To utilize this feature, you simply select a file from your computer and proceed to upload it. Jitt employs encryption to secure the file, associating it with the generated QR code. The files are then hosted on our servers, enabling your end-users to conveniently download them upon scanning the code.

The Smart Link feature is exclusive to the Dynamic QR code, offering the capability to generate powerful QR codes for sharing various elements such as links, email addresses, phone numbers, SMS (including a predefined message), vCard, Application Distribution (linking to an app store), WhatsApp contacts, or cryptocurrency wallet addresses.

This functionality ensures a seamless experience for sharing contact details or initiating prompt actions for the end-user. Notably, Smart Links are trackable, allowing you to monitor and analyze their performance through detailed analytics.

Performance analytics, including scan count, unique scans, top country, and top referrer (where applicable), are exclusively available with our dynamic QR codes. This feature enables you to gain insights into the number of scans from specific countries or cities. Additionally, you can analyze performance based on platform (OS), browser, language, and referrers, providing a comprehensive understanding of your QR code engagement.