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Replay your visitor sessions easily and efficiently.

Replay, understand and analyze your audience session easily to monitor the user experience on your website.

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Why Sessions Replays ?

Session replay help businesses to improve customer experience and help identify obstacles in conversion processes on websites.

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Monitor the user experience on your web platform.

Ensure your audience is having the best user experience while visiting your website can help you improve growth and conversions number.

Gather user's interaction on your website or web application such as events, clicks, and pageviews into a more visual way to view their sessions.

Identify, fixes and prevent bugs, issues, and obstacles.

Resolve things that could prevent and affect the overall customer experience on your website faster than before by looking at how it happen.

Optimize content and layout to provide a more user-friendly experience to your audience making sure that every single visitor is visiting your website efficiently.

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A simple, but yet powerful way to view and replay sessions made on your website. It allows you to view visually how your visitors interact with your content.

A hybrid approach combines the advantages without the weaknesses.

The hybrid approach ensures that every session is recorded (important for compliance) by server-side capturing and enriched with client-side tracking data of mouse movements, clicks, scrolling and user behavior (driven by customer experience insights).

This approach works very well with modern single-page applications. There is the presence of a movie-like replay and 100% compliant capturing.

We keep Session Replays for up to 15 days starting the day they are recorded. Once reached replays are removed from our servers.

If you're not feeling great about this feature, you can't disable it in your Website Settings (Go to Websites then Select your site and click on Edit) and uncheck the Session Replay switch.

By default, Jitt wil honour the DNT request sent by the client browser, but if you specified to ignore DNT then it would continue tracking and recording sessions.

If you decide to give them a choice to disable tracking then yes such as the opt-out option.

Unfortunately no. Since we use a mix of open source and proprietary technologies there's no way to play videos outside of Jitt.

Since this feature is currently in Beta, all accounts are entitled between 250 (for Basic accounts), 500 (for Standard subscriptions) and 1,500 (for Pro and Enhanced Pro subscriptions) session replays per month with a data retention policy related to their plans.

Sessions Replays were intended to be only working on web based application and websites. Due to privacy reason, this feature won't collect any data about your visitor and they would be masked from the recording.

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