Session Replays (BETA)

Replay your visitor's session to understand and analyze their engagement with your website.


Replays your visitor's journey.

Replay, understand and analyze your audience session easily.

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Break the unknown barrier, save your your time and focus on real issues.

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You're all set. Our univeral tracking code has this feature embedded, but only work if you enable it

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Replays doesn't record any personal information about your audience.

Fully Responsive

On a phone, tablet or desktop? It doesn't matter because Session Replays is compatible with responsive design.

Fast Performance

Thanks to tag-free server side combined with client-side tracking. Your website loading or speed isn't affected.


A replay is worth a thousands feedbacks and words.

Identify segments of customers that are struggling or encountering something that can prevent to use the website or complete an action.


Session Replays per month


Customer Satisfied

*Based on survey and data made quarterly and results complied in September 2020.

Get feedbacks and identify things that are not shared.

Easy to Use

You simply have to play your replays and watch your visitors interact with your content to identify obstacles on your website.

No additional installation required

The magic of our platform allows you to simply activate the functions you like and enjoy them without any additional installation.


Watch a demo about Replays

Play this video tutorial about Replays on how to setup properly and a comprehensive demo.


What top Designers are saying.

“Incredibly easy to understand and analyze.”

Jamie Grant

Head Marketing

“A scale future-proof platform to create impactful experiences.”

Pierre-Luc Tremblay

Project Manager

“The simplest way to test and review new user interface (UI) and product improvements.”

Kate Maryson

Frontend Engineer


Most frequently asked questions.

Still unsure or need to learn more? Read the most common questions asked and get answers about Jitt to clarify your decision.

A simple, but yet powerful way to view and replay sessions made on your website. It allows you to view visually how your visitors interact with your content.

A hybrid approach combines the advantages without the weaknesses.

The hybrid approach ensures that every session is recorded (important for compliance) by server-side capturing and enriched with client-side tracking data of mouse movements, clicks, scrolling and user behavior (driven by customer experience insights).

This approach works very well with modern single-page applications. There is the presence of a movie-like replay and 100% compliant capturing.

We keep Session Replays for up to 15 days starting the day they are recorded. Once reached replays are removed from our servers.

We're to help! Check your account to see what available support options you are entitled to.

If you're not feeling great about this feature, you can't disable it in your Website Settings (Go to Websites then Select your site and click on Edit) and uncheck the Session Replay switch.

If you decide to give them a choice to disable tracking then yes. Otherwise by default it will record activity on your site.

Unfortunately no. Since we use a mix of open source and proprietary technologies there's no way to play videos outside of Jitt.

Since this feature is currently in Beta, all accounts are entitled to have up to 1,500 Session Replays per month with a data retention policy of 15 days.

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