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Discover how influencer can utilize the power of our platform to increase and understand post and follower engagements efficiently.

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Influencer are now a direct way to reach efficiently their potential customers through social media.

What features does Influencers uses?

According to our study, Influencers are most likely to use the following features below in their daily operations to reach followers or audience on their social media platforms.

How can Jitt help your business?

With the help of our Bio Profiles and URL Shortener, you can easily create beautiful bio profile to help you drive engagements from one social media to many other social media website, and online shop.


URL Shortener

A URL shortener allow you to shorten long URL to something smaller and social media friendly. Our URL Shortener also allow you to analyze your audience who clicked on your short links such as a short link used as a medium for a sponsored links.

Bio Profiles

A Bio Profile is a great tool to help you maximize your social media profile. By adding your Bio Profile to your bio link on your account, it can help you increase conversions, engagements and followers on various social media.