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Understand how marketers use the platform to enhance their marketing strategy and the end-user by efficiently using our platform.

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In this use case, we will refer to marketers or any kind of persons who help, create and assist in regards of making ad campaigns for their company or on the behalf.

What features does Marketers uses?

According to our study, Marketers are most likely to use the following features below in their marketing operations.

How can Jitt help our marketing?

There's different ways where we can provide value-added benefits to your marketing. The most common use cases that we saw where when marketers uses a short link generated through our platform to use it as a medium between the targeted audience and the landing page.

By using our advanced URL Shortener, you can enjoy many useful features that can be added into your short link for better control such as:

  • Branded Domain(s)

  • Geo/Device Targeting

  • Native Pixel Integration

  • Custom Alias

  • Expiration Date

  • Custom Meta Tags

  • Fully-intergrated and native Parameters Builder to your short links (e.g. UTMs)


Custom Branded Domain(s)

Branded domains can help you increase engagements on your links and its contents. How? If people trust your company and its identity and brand, then they would most likely engage with the content your share.

Most companies uses generic domain to share contents or links on their social media platform. These includes, but are not limited to: TinyURL, Twitter's, Facebook's, and many more.

The issue is these are quite common and can be used any anyone who wants it. Branded domains allows you to increase brand awareness, improve click-through rate by up to 35% and show trust and a unified experience for your audience.

Improve click-through rate

Increase engagements with your content when you are using a branded custom domain. How? People trust brands and identity they recognize, even on social media.

If your business uses generic URL Shortener to share their contents on their social media accounts, then people might have a perception of not being trustworthy, scam, and suspicious. Why?

These generic URL Shortener are available to be used by anyone and most of the time for scam or phishing purposes to hide the actual website URL. Therefore, they don't demonstrate trust nor safety, because they can be used any anyone who has an access to Internet.

In contrast of a custom branded domain, only the rightful company, entity or person that registered the domain with the registrar can connect it to our platform to shorten URLs with it.

When connecting a custom domain to our platform, we require the user to update and add specific DNS record which at the same time result to confirm ownership of the domain.

Branded domain also show to your audience a more unified branding on your social media.

Geo and Device Targeting

Device and/or Geo targeting allows you to redirect specific visitors to different website depending on the rules that you have setup for your short link. These two options are quite similar, but work on two different system logics.

  • Geo Targeting redirect your visitors based on their localization such as the country and city.

  • Device Targeting redirect your visitors based on their device type (operating systems).

Pixel Integration

Jitt support third-party pixel intergration to help you target or retarget your audience on the most popular social media platforms.

  • Google (Tag Manager, Analytics, Ads)

  • Facebook (including Instagram)

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • AdRoll

  • Bing (Microsoft)

  • Snapchat

  • Reddit

  • Pinterest

  • Quora

Custom Alias

Specify custom alias ( to your short link.

Expiration Date

Specify an expiration date on your short link. Once the allowed timeframe has expired the short link won't work anymore.

Custom Meta Tags

Add to your short link the following meta tags such as a banner, meta title and description.

Parameters Builder

Create and custom specific URLs parameters to your short link.

Related Features

Marketers can also use additional features such as Bio Profiles to drive engagement to other social media or website or QR Codes to use it with their ad campaign.