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Learn how publishers uses our platform to shorten URLs of their media property and our added-value features to offer a better experience to their audience while also analyzing engagements.

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Getting Started


Publishers (or also known as media publishers) such as niche blogs, magazine, editorial clients uses our platform to shorten URLs on their media property.

What features does Publishers uses?

According to our study, Publishers are most likely to use the following features below in their advertising or engagement operations through their different channels such as social media platforms and their media property.

How can Jitt help your business?

What we have identified is that publishers who uses our services want to increase their brand awareness when sharing their articles online. Since their contents and articles may be shared worldwide thanks to social media.


Custom Branded Domain(s)

A custom branded domain(s) is an external domain that you can use to shorten your long URLs. You can connect the domain to your account. This is useful for corporation that want to brand their short links when they share communication on social media to the public or their employees.

For Publishers, branding their posts on social media allow them to increase brand awareness and help their audience recognize efficiently their editorial contents. It also help give credits to their content when being shared among others.

Pixel Integration

Jitt support third-party pixel intergration to help you target or retarget your audience on the most social media platforms.

  • Google (Tag Manager, Analytics, Ads)

  • Facebook (including Instagram)

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • AdRoll

  • Bing (Microsoft)

  • Snapchat

  • Reddit

  • Pinterest

  • Quora

Custom Alias

Specify custom alias ( to your short link.

Expiration Date

Specify an expiration date on your short link. Once the allowed timeframe has expired the short link won't work anymore. Great for when one of your property are running a contest to your audience.

Custom Meta Tags

Add to your short link the following meta tags such as a banner, meta title and description.

Parameters Builder

Create and custom specific URLs parameters to your short link.

Related Features

Marketers can also use additional features such as Bio Profiles to drive engagement to other social media or website or QR Codes to use it with their ad campaign.