Jitt — Easy, clean and privacy-focused web analytics for

Gathering, understanding and analyzing actionable data and insights about your audience. 


Simplicity and essential data that allow you to improve your business.

Web Analytics shouldn't be hard to understand or analyze. In our company culture, we want to focus on actionable data and insights that people can really understand and would be useful.

According to our users, our analytics platform is at least 40% easier to use than the most popular web analytics solution provider.

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  Simple and easy to use UI (User Interface).
  We analyze and gather information that are useful and essential.

Set up and retrieve actionable data in minutes.

Our onboarding process is really straight forward and the set up of your account should take about 5 to 10 minutes. Gather important data that could improve your online business strategy.

Our onboarding process is easy, fast, secure and simple to start analyzing your audience in a few quick steps.

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  Tracking code hosted on our global Content Delivery Network.
  We don't affect your page loading speed (you're good with SEO).
  Real time web analytics and processing.

  *The time estimate depend on the web platform (i.e WordPress), technology stack and your skills knowledge (beginner).

Understand how we can help your business.

Jitt's web analytics platform can be useful for marketing, website optimization and audience analytics to improve your business strategy and avoid guessing what works or not.

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Give your users a choice to privacy easily.

Web Analytics can be tricky sometimes when it's about gathering data about your audience. Jitt offers you to opt-out pretty easily by giving choice to your visitors.

Easily enable the choice to the end-users regarding their own privacy online while gathering insights.

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  Privacy & GDPR compliant (we don't track personal information).
  If you decide to close your account, we will delete all data on it.
  Our product don't tracking anything else than what its gathering.
  We offer different ways to enable the choice for privacy.
  We are ethical and transparent analytics company.

Restriction applies depending on the visitor and their web browser client.

Try it before buy it. Enjoy 14 days of free trial period with our Enhanced plan.    FREE TRIAL
  No credit card required during your free trial period.
  Up to 300K Pageviews in your free trial period.
(this offer is only available to customer who hasn't yet used our free trial.)

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We are there to answer and show you the potential of your audience data with the best tools while keeping your audience privacy.

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