All-in-one web analytics platform.

Gather, analyze and understand your audience for improving your strategy in marketing and web optimization.

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Audience Analytics

Efficiently track actions made on your website (e.g. checkout, sign up, form submission).

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Gather specific data about your audience behaviours when they engaging with your website.

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Session Replays

Replay your visitor session throughout your website to analyze.

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Build for modern businesses that requires an all-in-one solution.

Web analytics isn't something useless nowadays. Get powerful features under one single roof.

It provide essential key metrics about your audience and ensure you're having the answer to your question for keeping growing.

Jitt help businesses to grow further with actionable analytics.

In this modern era where everything is now connected.

Using web analytics data to measure your online presence will allow you as a business to grow and develop an effective digital strategy and also improve existing strategy such as your marketing or website.

Understand what market and segment of a population that has an interest for your business. Web Analytics is a must for marketers since they provide key metrics regarding their potential customers, reach, engagement and much more.

Understand the behaviours of your audience help you create a better experience for the end-user. Customer Retention is higher when your audience is feeling great about your content and web app.


It's Simple and Easy.

Quickly enable an ethical and powerful technology to gather analytics data and turnkey insights about your audience in a matter of minutes.


Register any type of account that suite your needs.


Activate your account and login to your Jitt account for the first time.


Setup your first website and install the tracking code on all the pages.


Wait for your visitors and data and enjoy analyzing all the goodness!

Most asked questions.

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Jitt is a simple, but yet powerful privacy-focused web analytics platform for you, modern marketers, businesses and agencies.

Just as simple as copy and paste your tracking code on all the pages and you're all set. Just wait and see what interesting facts about your audience.

We use the highest standard to ensure all data are encrypted and store anonymously. Nobody knows what data are related to who. Everything is kept encrypted and securely throughout our worldwide network.

Eligible plans offers email support by ticket within the offered SLA (Service Level Agreement).

For more information please check out your account settings to ensure you have access to it.

Of course. Your privacy, your audience's privacy and our mutual protection is within our DNA. We don't sell ads or track anybody. We believe in each of other's privacy

We do offer a free plan, but you can either choose our free trial for 14-days or sign up for a paid plan and if you're not satisfied within 7 days we will refund you, no question asked!

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We love being generous with you. Up to 50K Pageviews per month. This include unlimited heatmap, goals and conversion and 1,500 replays.

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