Earn 30% commission on affiliate sales

Refer customers to us and we will reward you a 30% commission on all qualifying sales made on our website. Anyone can join the affiliate program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Earn 30% of commission from the first payment they make with us. Only new clients and referrals are eligible.

The affiliate program allows you to earn 30% of the first payment they make when subscribing to any of our paid plans. In order to receive your referrals fee it is really important to use the link available on your Affiliate account. Payouts are only available via PayPal or Interac e-Transfer if located in Canada.

Please note that in order to have a qualified sales, your client need to be within the elligible criteria(s).

  • Must a be a new client who never purchased a plan before.
  • Must need to complete their purchase within the first 30 days after clicking the link.
  • Must be an active account with email verified.
  • Client must keep the services for at least 30 days if it's a month-to-month subscription or 90 days if it's annual subscription before the commission can be available in your affiliate account.

Keep in mind that if someone who clicked on your referral link within a private window tab doesn't complete their purchase on the same visit and then comeback to finalize the purchase won't be taken in consideration. This is due that when someone click on your referral link by using a private browsing tab, the web browser doesn't keep in the cookie on the device and remove it once they closed the window which doesn't allow us to track back your referrals.

Please note that we do reserve the rights to cancel, void a commission or referred sales or close your affiliate account if we think there's might be some signs of abuse and fraud without prior notice.

The minimum payout is $10 and can be withdrawn by using one of the following method(s).


  • E-Transfer Interac
  • PayPal

United States and International:

  • PayPal


Once you have reach the minimum payout for your affiliate referrals, you can now withdraw whatever amount you want that are currenly available and verified. In order to submit a withdraw your payment, please use the following form here.

Please allow up to 90 business days starting the date of the purchase so we can verify if the referred purchase wasn't refunded, chargeback or fraudulent.