Goals and Conversions

Track, understand, analyze your conversion's current capture workflow. 

Track any conversions easily with Jitt.

Goals and Conversions Tracking allows you to track a specific action such as checkout or CTA (Call-to-Action) completion upon submission of a form or a request from your online platform.

Each conversion tracked are counted toward your Pageviews quota per month.

Track Pageviews Conversions

Easily track when a user completes an action by showing a complete or Thank You page once it was submitted. Such as Order or Sign Up process flow.

Intergrated Tracking

Advanced Tracking for analyzing pretty much anything that happens. Integrate our code for conversion to your website or web-based app. 

Analyze how you can reach your goal.

Set a goal to understand the efficiency of your CTA (Call-to-Action). 

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Our Heatmaps feature might interest you as well. Find more information below.


Visual representation of your website layout. See how efficiency works with conversions and optimization.

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Install Tracking Code

If you haven't yet install your tracking code on your website, please do so. If the page you wanted to track doesn't have the code, it won't work.


Create a Goal

To track conversion, you have to create a goal. You can define goal either by Pageviews or Advanced which requires a bit of coding knowledge.


Wait and see

After properly setup your goal. Jitt will from now track any conversions related to the settings you have specified.



Analyze the data gathered to understand how your conversion workflow is efficient with your current strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my data stored?

Your data are stored within our global infrastructure powered by GCP (Google Cloud Platform). We use them to provide us with all the infrastructure. Your data is stored at the nearest data center from Google to provide speed and reliability.

Are my data safely secured?

Your privacy and safety are one of our principal preoccupations. Your data is encrypted with the highest standard (AES-CBC 256 bit encryption as well as PBKDF2 to secure your data). All data between your device and our servers and Content Delivery Network are encrypted through SSL/TLS.

Are Goals/Conversions counted towards my pageviews monthly limits?

When someone complete an action such as Pageviews or Advanced tracking it will count against your monthly pageviews allowance.

Is the Goals and Conversions feature free?

The feature is free of charge and included with every plans. Therefore, you need to have enough pageviews allowance to be able to continue to track otherwise clicks won't be tracked anymore.

Do I need to install something on my server?

It depend. Obviously, you need to add your tracking code, but depending on the option tracking type you have chosen. The simpliest type is Pageviews Conversion/Goal tracking. This doesn't requires additional setup, but if you have choose the Advanced way to track then you would need to intergrate the additional code that was given to you.

Where can I find support regarding the Goals and Conversions features?

We have published extensive and complete documentation to help you explore, understand and set up properly those features in your account. We highly suggest you to take a look here.