Use Case: Publishers

Jitt platform for publishers such as editorials, magazines and blogs that share posts on social media to increase engagements and reach people with the same field of interest make it easier to analyze audience engagement from your social media.

Multiple branded custom domains.

Our platform is ready to use for handling multiple custom domain(s) for shortening your long URL from your media property into social media friendly for platforms like Twitter where posts are character limited. By shortening your URLs. you enjoy all the other great features to create a better experience for your social media audience.

CTA Overlay and Splash Screen

Running a sponsored posts or campaign for your editorials? Create a seamless and powerful, not intrusive way to communicate or share with your audience with CTA Overlay and Splash Screen.

CTA Overlay allows you to show a non-intrusive call-to-action to whoever clicks on your short links. Please keep in mind that some websites don't support this feature.

Here are the following features available as a CTA on supported website(s).

  • Contact (Create a custom form where users can send messages to you via email).
  • Poll (Create a poll where visitors can answer it upon visit).
  • Message (Display and small popup with a message and a link to a destination URL).
  • Newsletter (Collect emails from your visitors).
  • Image (Show a small popup with an image of your choice).

Splash Screen is a transitional page where you can add a banner and a logo along with a message. Visitors clicking and visiting your website via short link will be shown the desired splash screen prior to being redirected to the final destination URL.

Audience Analytics

Analyze your audience engagements from your short links with detailed analytics about where the engagement is coming for a better overview which would allow you to understand and optimize.

Link Management

An easy and powerful way to manage all your short links into one single place. Regain control of your links with the maximum flexibility.