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Learn how we can help your business make critical decisions for the future of your business with data. 


For marketers

Understanding your audience allows you to focus on market, trends and audiences that are really interested in your business. There's no more guessing game when the data that you see are based on the real deal.

Get insights about your campaigns, referrers such as search engine, social media platform and external websites that bring traffic so you can understand who engage the most with your content.

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For webmaster

Jitt helps you understand who's is your audience. Improve website optimization to increase your conversion rates and increase your ROI (Return On Investment) on your advertising campaign more efficiently.

Find the data that would allow you to make the use of most of your money.

Use Heatmap to place CTA (Call-to-Action) where you know it grabs the most attention which will allow you to capture more leads.

Optimize your design based on the data from the page mockup Heatmap. Visualize where your visitors click the most.


For agencies

We help your agencies to increase revenue. Add some value-added to your company offering while ensuring the privacy of the data.

Jitt offers to agencies bulk discount for their web analytics services. Create Teams (Spaces) for each client and give them their own login so they can access their own data at their own convenience.

Manage all your client's websites under one roof in the easiest way.

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Compared to other web analytics provider. Our tracking code is powered by our Content Delivery Network. Up to 35% faster than a regular JavaScript tracking. It won't slow down any loading speed. Therefore your Search Engine ranking won't be penalize.


Simplicity is key in our culture. We want to promote and make accessible web analytics data to everyone that has a small business. Our UI and the essential data we gather and report to you allow us to improve a lot of people's small business online presence. Up to 55% of our users that were with Google Analytics before find it easier to use and understand.


We give your end-user the full control to be tracked or not. Jitt believe that someone should decide if they want to be tracked. You can find more information on how to give your users or visitor/client the power to opt-in or opt-out here. According to our study, over 90% of our users agree that we offer more privacy related option than most web analytics tools on the market.

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